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While the internet has become a dominant factor in the function of marketing, the good ole offline marketing could also be as powerful as the former given that you do it right. I mean back in the days when there was no internet there is evidence that marketing has been done as good as today. The trick to nailing it is knowing and understanding the power behind these means to make the most out of them. So here are a few such ideas you should be trying out to promote your business the old fashion way.

Motivate employees

Employees are your company’s front. They represent the company and have a huge impact directly or indirectly on the way the customers perceive your business on the whole. How many times have you simply turned up at a store because you were treated right? That in itself is a practical example to how much influence the employees have in a customer’s life. And so, for customers to keep coming back to your store, you need to treat your employees right as they are the ones that serve the customers directly. If they aren’t happy themselves there is no way would they perform a genuine job to make sure that the customer is also happy.

Business cards

How often do you see interesting business cards? That’s practically never or rarely. The reason is because most business have in fact failed to realize the important role the business cards that they design for their employees, plays. An interesting business card is sure to catch anyone’s attention as much as die cut decal printing. So if you could incorporate this form of printing in to designing your cards as well, then you can easily create an outstanding card. Imagine the sort of positive response that the clients your employees interact would have to see something rather out of the box!


There is certainly no one who would ever reject free giveaways or merch. This sort of merch has also become a rather popular form of brand marketing. Giving out pens, notebooks and such with interesting designs is sure to capture the attention of any person’s and capturing this attention is what you should be aiming at even in the smallest marketing opportunities as they go a long way. So, make the most out of this method too!


Sponsoring events, CSR programs and such is also a good form of offline marketing. It shows how much you are willing to give back to the society and the sense of social responsibility your firm has towards the society. This creates a positive image of your firm thus uplifting your goodwill. In turn it also markets your business and product perfectly!

Be innovative and unique and market your product and business in ease to an even bigger market than whatever you may have initially targeted!

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