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The Information Communication Technological boom is the industrial revolution of the twenty first century and it is one that we are currently living through and it does not seem to have an end in sight. This boom can be well attributed thanks to the fact that Information Communication Technology or ICT or for short IT, can be integrated to basically every aspect of a person’s life and to pretty much every industry and every stage of a process or work flow. This dynamic and flexibility of IT and computer systems has come to a place where, if any business or company does not wish to utilize it, they will most certainly start to fall well behind all its other competitors. This is the remarkable power behind the computer revolution and the reason that it is still not at a maturity stage or even completed its “early” stage.

This is why it is hard to see where IT and computers will lead us next to and why it is impossible to see where it will end. And one of the driving forces behind the computer revolution is of course the internet. This web of interconnected computers is what gives computers so much more power. The fact that these machines can communicate with each other, tasks can even be distributed between computers and no one will be needed even to help the computers know when one has to start and the other has to stop. Computers are more than capable of making those communicational points themselves, removing the need for human interactions to a very significant degree.

Of course when you say automation people first and foremost think of computers. However, what you see as a computer is not only the CPU or laptops or servers. Computers are anything that has an electronic circuit that is able to perform some form of logic or process. That is why even your small pocket calculator that you used to own as a kid is also a computer. It is why systems like electrical displacement control are possible and why they too are computers.

Computers are the way of the future and it is the responsibility of us to understand and appreciate what they are and what they can do. This is important because failing to understand this,

means that when it comes to a point of time when you want to work in the industry, be it as an employee or an employer you do not get left behind, because you did not align to the new trend. This is of course fine if you can start a new trend that everyone else follows, but until or unless you do that, you will have to learn to follow or get left behind.

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