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Creating an effective online presence is no easy task these days. With the advancement of technology and usage of smart phones has created the need for more robust design and functional developments to be done on existing and new sites. Consequently you are seeing many sites being revamped. However there are still some that suffer due to very basic mistakes and poor execution. Let’s look at some of these elements.


  • Free builders: there are many free template based site developers in the market promising quick development. Though they may look appealing and easy to use the problem is that each of the drag and drop elements add to the coding at the back end making the site slow to load as time goes on. Therefore if you are looking to cut down on costs consider at least buying a premium ready built theme. This will reduce the errors considerably.


  • Device centred: gone are the days when you use a computer alone to browse the web, now days people are mostly surfing the net via their smart phones or tablets. So web design that does not take these in to consideration really falls short of the current requirements. Therefore optimising your websites to be mobile and tablet friendly is very important.


  • Not adhering to design rules: sure some out of the box site designs work sometimes but not always. Therefore in creating a site one must always listen to the basics first. Too much or too little of these elements used can really put off visitors to your site. Therefore striking a balance is very important.


  • Graphics: there are many new graphic elements that are in use today. However not all websites can benefit from them. Too much graphics can really pull customers away from what is really important. Sometimes they can be too distracting and make the pages difficult to load as well. Another problem is using these graphic elements just because they are a trend with little impact on the business or the specific site requirements.


  • Poor presentation of information: another core mistake made often is not having clear links to important information and making site visitors navigate all over the place. The home page should ideally have the most basic details clearly visible. For an example if you are selling retail items, then the product categories, how to order and return policies should be clearly visible.


  • Too many ads: some sites are cluttered¬†with ads only and do not contain actual or useful content at all. This is a clear recipy for failure.

These are some of the most common mistakes that need to be avoided.

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