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Facilities management is a diverse field which comes with a great deal of responsibilities. Like any other job you will need to have specific skills, talents and qualifications to become a profession in this specific field. Now, if you are someone who is very organized, can work well under pressure, does a good job when it comes to coordinating and planning then you will be a suitable candidate for a facilities manager. But that is not enough. There’s something more that you need to have in this field.

Social Skills


One thing that is for sure is that being a peoples person is important is this field. For starters, you will be working with a great deal of people whom you will have to guide. Being a person who is not a huge fan of them won’t get the job done. After all, good leadership skills is mandatory to motivate a team and bring the best end results. You will have to communicate a lot. Conveying the information in a proper manner is important. Make sure you understand them. That way you will be able to motivate them. Guide them in a proper way. You will be able to achieve the task easily if you have the attributes of a great leader.




An organization consists of different sectors. It will have a IT sector, HR sector, financial sector and so much more. Since all these are connected with one another, they will overlap. As a facilities manager you will have to connect with all these sectors. That is the only way to connect with and understand the whole organization as a whole.

Go green


One thing that we all are suffering from is Global Warming. The root cause for this problem is us humans who causes environment pollution. To be a great Facilities Manager you will need to understand the importance of sustainability. Creating a building with a goal of going green will not only benefit the employers and the customers of that specific organization, but the planet as well. It will be good for your portfolio as well.


Qualification and experience


In every field people tend to look for experience and qualifications before they hire the specific person. if you are someone who doesn’t have much time to work on studies, you can always opt for a part time diploma in facilities management. It is mandatory to have the necessary qualification and experience.


These skills and requirements of a FM are just something that you should have to create a good name in this field.

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