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When one designs a webpage for their businesses to make their presence known online, there are certain key factors to avoid. Abiding by these helps the firm in itself attract more and more people to their sites thus increasing customer engagement as well. So here is what you need to avoid.

Stacking up the widgets

While it is essential that your web design includes widgets that connects it to the other media platforms your business has, overloading it with so many of them, not only make it messy but it is also inconvenient for the customer as well when searching for other necessary information. So when you are opening up social media platforms for your business, first consider its marketability and practicality. For an example a craft or cooking website being connected to Pinterest would make sense, however a huge retail store like Walmart making its presence on Pinterest would just be absurd. So think twice and think smart!

Loading up the fanciness

To grab the attention of the people or viewers of your site, you don’t necessarily have to design one that has fancy music, flashing animation, constantly popping up emoji and whatnot. Though your intention is something different, in the minds of the clients this would be seen as a nuisance, discouraging them to even visit the website again. In addition to that, all these animations and whatnot, take time to load and that would mean that loading the webpage in itself would take time. And now, no one really wants to wait any longer than a couple seconds so if it doesn’t work, they’d go to another!

Links that lead nowhere

Sometimes your webpage might carry links that if clicked on, it leads you to an error page or some algebraic nonsense that you wouldn’t get and don’t even need to get in the first place! These are called dead links. Always make sure that you constantly check your site to make sure such links aren’t available on it. And if they are, then take it off or correct it!

Putting all there

You certainly need to let your customer know what you are selling or what is available for sale. And since most people use online means to gather such information, your website needs to have these. However, when you are including such information, don’t set it up on one page where the viewer has to keep scrolling down and down. This creates an inconvenience to him or her. Instead use other means like swiping on slideshow or breaking them up and presenting them under different groups and categories.Consider the above and design a good webpage that could be conveniently accessed by clients and potential clients!

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