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It is noted that most of the material available on the web are recorded films specially made for various reasons. Since the technological advancements that have taken place in development of these films have drastically increased, they are of high demand. The cost of creating such compelling stories with visual content is no longer a difficult thing and many individuals and businesses are making use of it widely. Let’s look at some reasons for its popularity.


  • Content sharing: when it comes to sharing what you have seen or viewed, research shows that film content are passed on at a faster rate. They say that over 90% of individuals will share an interesting video with friends and family as opposed to a mailer or an image sent via other communication means. Promotional films that are creatively made and intriguing gets shared more and people tend to save them for better viewing or even to show them to other interested parties.


  • Creates attraction: video marketing singapore and in other places have drastically increased because of its ability to attract and convince customers better. Research suggest that people are more likely to purchase a product or service when they have seen what it is all about in film form. The research claims that people tend to better understand products and services when they see a video of it rather than a two dimensional image.


  • Not very costly: comparatively to printed media, filmed content is much more cost effective in creating and dissemination. Because of this,such content development is not only for big firms, even small SME’s and home owned businesses use this media conveniently and effectively. The consistent message that is portrayed is also making this medium much more reliable than having stacks and stacks of printed material that most often get thrown away.


  • Internet video is popular: films on the internet are becoming very popular. Research says that more people are watching content on the internet than on TV. Content on the net get viewed often and people tend to follow them more. Movies and other content are watched often on the net these days, causing many businesses to use the same medium to promote their products and services as well.

  • Better for sales: traditionally companies used brochures or pamphlets to introduce promotions to customers. However since the development of film the approach has changed to great advantage of businesses. A promotional film can really show how products work and give additional details that traditional printed media cannot. Businesses can also film customers using products and services and use them as great promotional tools to attract more customers and increase sales.As you can see, this medium of visual content is becoming very important for businesses to reach greater markets and stay connected with their customers.                                                                                                                                                            

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