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When you learn a foreign language it is just not an added skill to your CV. It also makes you smarter, it is very handy when you travel and also you get better at your English. When we look at the physiological point of view when you tend to speak two or more languages it becomes a great assert for your cognitive processes. They say the brains of someone who is bilingual operates differently compared to someone who only speaks a single language. Regardless of your age you can also choose to learn another language. Here few of the cognitive skills that you will develop from learning another language.

For an example when you learn how to speak Chinese it will improve the functionality of your brain. Your brain is stimulated to recognize, negotiate and communicate this foreign language. It will also boost your problem solving skills. When children are multilingual they will be skilled at multitasking, they can easily switch between the different structures of speech forms and writing. It has been shown in a study that people who speak more than one language make fewer errors is driving because they do not get distracted.

Students can study and enroll in courses such as the hsk course and sit for hsk test to gain knowledge in mandarin from the comfort of their home or even at school. It has been proven that these students tend to score better at their exams in comparison to their monolingual colleagues. They are said to perform better in subjects such as vocabulary, reading and Math. When you consider the memory aspect, when you learn a new language you are strengthening your mental muscle by all the memorization and the constant practice on the vocabulary. And the brain functions way better when it is regularly exercised. This is why students who learn another language have a better memory. They seem to be good at remembering sequences, names, directions and lists.

It is never too late to learn another language. There was a study done on dementia and Alzheimer’s that stated that when the adults where monolingual the mean age that they started to show signs of dementia was around 71.4 while for the adults who spoke more than one language the mean age that showed the first sign was 75.5. These results were consistent considering factors such as physical health, gender and education. When you are bilingual you are said to be better at decision making and more rational on your decisions. They say they are more confident with the choices they make as they can think over it with their second language. Considering all these benefit learning another language is an absolutely necessary skill.

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