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Exams are difficult this is something that all students know and dread. The amount of study material you need to remember will be vast therefore most of the time you would feel very anxious and nervous before the exams. While some students can operate and still do well regardless of their anxiety, this is not the case for all students. Many may find the anxiety overwhelming and some may fail to answer the questions or do their task properly in the examination.

However anxiety is not always a bad thing. It can motivate you to cross check and ensure that your answer is correct and appropriate for the question asked. It would also make you more vigilant and ensure that little to no mistakes are made. However, too much anxiety will negatively influence your performance.  As mentioned above certain students may be overwhelmed to the point that they will be unable to do the paper at all. Thus to ensure that you are able to perform well in your exam and reduce your anxiety you should do the following.

Prepare well beforehand

It is important that all students prepare well before the examination the reason this is important is because when you are prepared you would feel less stressed and anxious as you will be confident about answering the questions in the paper. Do not study and cram all your study material in the last minute. instead at the beginning of your school term start preparing notes about what you study each day. If you feel uncertain about how to answer certain questions or have difficulty understanding the material then always consult with a tutor. If you are doing an ib math exam then you should speak to an ib math exam tutor and consult with them regarding your problems in the subject.

At present there are many tutors and learning centers available therefore finding an ib math tutor hong kong is relatively easy therefore always consult with one if you feel you need it.

Challenge negative thoughts

A reason you might feel anxiety is because of negative thoughts and perceptions you might have even if you prepared well before hand you might still feel anxious because you might think that you are ill prepared and you don’t remember what you study however challenged is thoughts and believe in yourself believe in your ability to face the exam turn doors negative thoughts into positive ones instead of thinking I don’t remember things I do remember by challenging your negative thoughts you would feel less anxiety and maybe even become more confident

Ultimately exams as difficult as they may seem can be done with ease if you take measures to reduce the anxiety you feel.

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