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Calling cards are important introductory items that leave an impression in the minds of your customers and other people you meet. It is sometimes the only detail you can give a potential client to introduce yourself and what you stand for. Therefore it should not be haphazardly designed or made with cheap materials.

Just like everything else, designs for these cards and material used keep changing, and if you are to portray an image that is innovative and abreast with the latest, you will also need to consider some of the modern ways these items are made in. Let us look at some of the trendier options that are fast selling in the market.

  • Heavy body: to give an impression of quality and commitment to delivering on promises made, many businesses are ordering their material in the form of a thick business card. This very thick card does not bend or damage easily and gives an outlook of solid standing, which is vital for customers to know that they are dealing with a business that is solid in its operations and reputation.


  • Less is more: for businesses that want to denote that they are no nonsense type and want to focus on their core business promises, this minimalist approach is ideal. Clean lines and colours allow for showing a simple but direct approach. People are also using colours such as black to create this look as well.


  • Matched designs: when it comes to premium business cards it is a good idea to keep them matched with all other branding elements of your business as well. A popular trend that is growing with this in mind is matching the web design elements with the card design. When collaboration among the designers of these elements take place magic happens. This allows clients to recognise you easily via offline and online means. This streamlined approach can create better branding and recognition opportunities.

  • Bold type: just like headlines in a newspaper this trend focuses on highlighting the company name in bold and large fonts. This is great for first impressions as the names stand out making them hard to forget, which is good for business. They are also great for businesses that strive to be the leader in a given industry.


  • Innovative die cut: this is for the innovative types that really like to stand out in the crowd. Since the technique allows for various shapes to be created, the creative elements are limitless and makes the owners and their businesses unique and above the rest.

These are some of the popular trends in this area of business, and since your calling card is an extension of you, it needs to be created with deliberate thought and direction.

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