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The use of Enterprise Resource Planning has become more prominent in the industry today and many companies use them with great benefits as a result. This is a business process management tool that will allow a company to use a selection of integrated applications that will help them run the company and also automate many of the back office duties that are related to technology like various services and even human resources. But there are also certain mistakes that you could make when choosing this tool then, would immediately make this a loss for your company. Here are some of these mistakes that you really need to avoid in the process.

You Are Not Giving the Implementation Process Enough Attention

You may have found and implemented one of the best ERP software in Australia but if you do not pay enough attention to the implementation the fault is yours. The biggest problem that happens with the implementation is when there is no committed and skilled project manager on your end to handle this. The project manager should be able to dedicate about 80 to 90 percent of their time on this implementation project. His or her duty will be to streamline the entire process and to keep things flowing in order. Because this is something that you are investing money in and because in the long run this will definitely increase the efficiency of the company it would actually be worth it to have somebody dedicated to this task.

Your Company Being Reluctant To Explore Change

If you are unwilling to explore change that this implementation will bring you will fail in the implementation. Before you suddenly spring this upon your employees inform them that there are going to be some process changes that will make it easier for them to do their jobs better as well. If you are able to tell this to them they will be able to be ready for the implementation when it does happen. When the company is willing to embrace this new concept the amount of benefits that you can gain out of this in the long run are really impressive. It is important therefore that you tell your employees that this process is one that will not just make their jobs easier but will also guide them to achieve high standards and industry best practices.

Not Documenting the Process

You should always document the business process when the implementation has been completed so that there are records of the outcomes and the challenges. You will then have a clear way to compare this against the objectives. It will also form a sort of tutorial for everybody to learn from and supposing an employee who was in a certain role of the process leaves the company, the person who will be hired to fill that position will now have something to refer to and gain insight from while they are learning the ropes of their new job. However you should always give all your employees the required training so that they find it easier to accept the change.

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