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If you are looking for an authentic Asian experience, China is your best choice. Most people are under the impression that China is a polluted nation, filled with manufacturing plants, dirty waterways and deadly air. However, you seem to be forgetting the area away from the manufacturing capital. These village areas are filled with beautiful sceneries, green fields, clear waterways and rich culture. So if you have been having second thoughts on your visit to China over the holidays, here are some points that will clear your doubts.

  1. Ancient heritage

China is home to some of the most mesmerizing historic treasures and monuments that include of course the great wall, city walls, canals, pagodas, temples and massive Buddha statues. For example, the Forbidden City which is known to be the biggest surviving imperial palace in the world, the mausoleum that features the terracotta army, the Beijing canal, the Dali pagodas etc. Some of these sights have been named as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

  1. Natural wonders

Having developed rapidly during the past few years, you’d expect China to overdo the development and forget the environment. However, they made sure they preserved their natural wonders and limit their development to industrial areas only. Some of them are, the floating mountains, stone forest, Li River, Tiger leaping gorge, Yellow Mountain, silver cave etc. Make sure to add these sights to your day’s plans. Your hotel; MGM grand package will be able to organize them for you.

  1. Great variety of cuisines

When you were having Chinese food back at home, have you ever thought of its origin? Well, time to find out. You’ll be surprised to find that there are so many more ingredients, spices and dishes that are not available at your country’s Chinese restaurants. Some of the best to try are Beijing roast duck, rice noodles, dumplings, chilli soup etc. try them out at your hotel; mandarin oriental Macau package.

  1. Richest breadth of culture

China is one of the most ancient civilizations, dating back to over 3000 years. The people have preserved this culture till today so that its authenticity is maintained. Some such cultural elements are their martial arts which include Kung Fu and Tai Chi that are no inferior to karate or Thai boxing. They have a beautifully designed alphabet which is known to be the most artistic alphabet of the world. Their language is also complex. Chinese plays, poetry, arts and crafts, costumes and festivals will truly add colour and life to your vacation.

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