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As much as the need for a business to maintain a website is growing, there have also been some of the worst mistakes made by firms and people through which you can learn a lot from. Just because you need to have a website up and running, doesn’t mean any old thing works. So here are some mistakes you need to be aware of.

Your website is a mess

You might think that designing layout of a website doesn’t matter at all, however the reality is that it actually does. The potential customer or client that visits you site expects you to provide them with the information that they are looking for as soon as they click on it. however, if your website only leaves them confused and looking for details from every random click, you can bet that they would never click on it again. So always make sure that the layout is designed well.

Doesn’t cater to mobiles

Although most of us today own laptops, many simply use their smartphones to get work done. Whether it is banking through an app, shopping through an app or even hailing a tax through an app, everything is done on the phone through an app. And it is also expected by the customer that each and every site that they expect to visit, is mobile friendly. However, if you don’t consider this aspect and find experts that work on responsive web design singapore there is a high chance that they be even unwilling to open the site again. Therefore, making sure that everything is mobile friendly is a necessity today.

Takes too long to load

A webpage that takes too long to load automatically discourages potential clients from even wanting to find out the purpose of the page. How many times have you simply clicked the back button on a page that took too long load? Probably more than the number you could even count from your fingers and toes. Humans of today’s society are just too impatient for things. And if it means that things take even longer than a couple seconds, they would quit on it altogether. Clients are also the same. Therefore, making sure that the content and page in itself loads up in less than 3 seconds is a must.

In addition to the above make sure that the font used in your site is also easily readable and of the ideal size. If there needs to be a special effort made to read, it is guaranteed that you’ve already lost your readers interest.

So avoid the above mistakes and design a site that anyone would want to always come back to!

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