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Every child needs their own space to play at. This could be where they spend time together with their friends. Furthermore, it could also be the space which they use to play by themselves. For many children, this would be a corner in the living room. But we understand that some families have a spare room in their home. This could be the space that they use to store items. Furthermore, it could also be the guest space. But if it is not being used for anything specific then this space can be converted into a playroom. We understand that you may now be thinking that this would be a long and complicated project. But in reality it is not. It is something that one can complete within a weekend.

Quiet Area

We understand that you would be considering this to be a space for the child to play at. But this space should also contain an area where they can simply sit and think. That is because children also need their quiet time. In order to create this space, you can place some tan boon liat furniture in the corner.


You can paint your entire house neutral colours. But when it comes to this space you should let your imagination run wild. That is because this area of the house would belong to your child. Therefore you should try to use bright colours that they would like. But that does not mean you should use an explosion of bold colours. You should instead attempt to create a complementary colour zone. Furthermore, instead of merely using bold colours you can also attempt to use patterns. These can be polka dots or even stripes.


Ideally, you should be prepared for this flooring to be destroyed. That is because more often than not children like to play rough. Therefore the floor should possess the capacity to absorb shock. But you should also be perfectly alright with it getting dirty. Therefore you should not use white tiles to lay the floor. But you can give the room some warmth by using some rugs. However, you should make sure to use dark colours. But even these dark colours would be of no use if the children spill something on it. Therefore that is why you should take the time to get it treated. This way you would not have any trouble cleaning spills from it.

Ultimately you need to understand that this space belongs to your children. Therefore there is no need to make it look elegant.

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